Graduate Required Courses

Course Number Course Name
Fall 2016
200 (1/2) Economics Colloquium(3:30-5)  200A  200B  200C
203A Math for Economics 203A    
202 Probability Camp 202    
202L Probability Camp Lab  202L    
210A-B-C Microeconomic Theory I-II-III  210A 210B 210C
210 Lab Microeconomic Theory Lab  210L  210L  210L
210D-E-F Macroeconomic Theory I-II-III 210D 210E 210F
211L Macro Theory Lab II  211L 211L  211L
220A-B-C Statistics and Econometrics I-II-III 220A 220B 220C
221A-B-C Lab Statistics and Econometrics Lab
 221B  221C
222 Replication Paper    222  
Course Number Course Name
Fall 2016
205A Research Writing in Economics      
206 How to Write a Paper      
219A-B Special Topics in Theory    219  
223A Discrete Choice      
224A Time-Series Analysis    224A  
227A-B Experimental Econ   227A  
229 Special Topics    229 229
229 Dynamical Processes      
229 Social Dynamics Seminar      
229 Methods and Models      
229 Quantitative Economics      
231A-B Institutiion in Historical Perspective I, II      
232 Business Cycles in Historical Perspective      
233 European Economic History      
234 American Economic History  234    
239 Financial Econ & Markets      
241A-B-C  Industrial Organization I-II-III      241A
243A-B  Game Theory I-II    243A  243B
245 Empirical Methods in Applied Micro  245    
249 (255) Development Economics      
249 Economics of Education      
249 Environmental Economics  249    
249 Energy Economics      249
249 Econ of Innovation      
251A-B-C Labor Economics I-II-III  251A  251B
255 Microeconomics for Public Policy    
259 ST: Labor Economics      
260A-B Monetary Economics I-II    260B  
261A-B International Trade I-II  261A    
263A-B Advanced Macroeconomics I-II-
269A-B-C International Macroeconomics I-II-III      269
269 Health Economics    
269A-B-C Institutions and Development I-II-III      
269 Empirical Macroeconomics      
269 Macroeconomics and Finance    269  
270A-B-C Public Choice I-II-III 270A   270B
272A-B Public Economics I-II      272A
275 Economics of Government   275  
279 Topics in Political Economy      
279 ST: Topics in Political Economy      
281A-B Urban Economics I-II  281A  281B  
282A-B Transporation Economics I-II      
285A-B-C Colloquium Transporation Science I-II-III  

† This listing is only a tentative plan. It is SUBJECT to CHANGE. Last updated: March 11th, 2016

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