Q: My academic record is …?, my GRE scores were …? And I have the following work experiences:…? What are my chances of getting into your program?

A: Potential applicants often have questions about their chances of getting into the program. As a rule, we won’t speculate, because there is no way to make a determination until we have all the applications in hand and begin the formal evaluation process. Obviously, though, a strong academic record, and a demonstrated ability to do research, are the two most important characteristics you can present. In addition, students with stronger backgrounds in mathematics and statistics are typically more successful.

Q: Can I be admitted if I don’t meet the English language proficiency requirements?

A: The language proficiency requirements are determined by the university. See http://grad.uci.edu/admissions/applying-to-uci/english-proficiency.php. Since the university does not allow graduate students to work as teaching assistants without meeting the proficiency requirements, and since we primarily support students through teaching assistantships, we generally will not admit students who do not meet the proficiency requirements.

Q: Can I apply to the Economics Department for a Master’s degree only?

A: No, we only accept students directly into our Ph.D. program. The M.A. is awarded along the way to completion of the Ph.D., and students who leave the program before completing their Ph.D. are, under some conditions, awarded an M.A.

Q: Can you help me arrange a campus visit?

A: Because we get a large number of applicants, we do not arrange campus visits prior to making our acceptance decisions. Once these decisions are made, we will contact accepted applicants with information on campus visits, which we will help organize. If you are interested in speaking with individual faculty members to find out more about the program prior to applying, or before decisions are made, you are encouraged to contact them directly. Faculty members are generally happy to talk with prospective students, either by phone or in person. (For a list of faculty and their interests, see here.)

Q: Can I get credit for graduate work in the core that I have completed elsewhere?

A: No. All students must successfully complete our course sequences.


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