Winter 2019 OFFICE HOURS

Aggarwal, Neerja Friday 1:30- 3pm SSPB 3239
Bogart, Daniel By appointment SSPA 3109
Branch, William By appointment SSPB 3279
Brueckner, Jan Monday & Wednesday 2-3pm or by appointment SSPB 3269
Carvalho, Jean-Paul By appointment SSPA 3117
Chernyshoff, Natalia Tuesday and Thursday 11-12pm SSPB 3239
Choi, Michael By appointment SSPA 3181
Duffy, John By appointment SSPB 3285
Freedman, Matthew Tuesday 1:15-2:30pm or by appointment SSPB 3211
Garfinkel, Michelle Monday and Wednesday 2-3pm SSPB 3257
Glazer, Ami Thursday 1:30-3:30pm Phoenix Grille
Harding, Matthew By appointment SSPB 3207
Jeliazkov, Ivan Wednesday 2-3pm SSPA 3175
Jenkins, Brian Tuesday 1-3pm or by appointment SSPA 3133
Jiang, Lai Monday, Wednesday and Friday 1-1:50pm SSPB 3237
Kopylov, Igor Monday 12-1pm SSPA 3177
Lee, Ying-Ying Wednesday 3-5pm SSPB 3271
Milani, Fabio By appointment SSPA 3145
Neumark, David Monday 1-3pm SSPB 3219
Rocheteau, Guillaume By appointment SSPB 3263
Sarraf, George Tuesdays 5-6:30pm SSPB 3243
Shah, Nilopa Tuesday and Thursday 3-4pm SSPB 3237
Shirey, Paul By appointment SSPB 4245
Skaperdas, Stergios Wendesday 1:30-3:30pm SST 721
Swanson, Eric Friday 3-5pm or by appointment SSPB 3259
Vellore, Arthi By appointment on Thursday 12-2pm drop-ins are welcome SSPB 3209


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