Brian Asquith | curriculum vitae

Concentrations: : Urban economics, labor economics, public economics, economic demography, applied microeconomics, applied econometrics.

Dissertation Title: Essays in Urban and Labor Economics

Job Market Paper: Rent Control and Evictions: Evidence from San Francisco

Contacts: Jan Brueckner, David Neumark, Marianne Bitler





Ayushi Bajaj | curriculum vitae

Concentrations: Macroeconomics, Monetary economics, Game Theory

Dissertation Title: Essays on Asymmetric Information, Liquidity, and Unemployment analyzing Asset Purchases and Debasements

Job Market Paper: Adverse Selection and Liquidity in Asset Markets

Contacts:Guillaume Rocheteau, Bill Branch, Gary Richardson, Antonio Rodriguez-Lopez




Arghya Bhattacharya curriculum vitae

Concentrations: Macroeconomics, Monetary Economics, International Finance

Dissertation Title: Essays on Currency Competition, Institutional Restrictions and Exchange Rates.

Job Market Paper: The Black Market for Currencies: Theory and Evidence

Contacts: Guillaume Rocheteau, Antonio Rodriguez-Lopez, Dan Bogart





Ian Burn | curriculum vitae

Concentrations: Labor Economics, Experimental Economics, Applied Microeconomics

Dissertation Title: Essays on the Economics of Discrimination

Job Market Paper: Pride, Prejudice, and Wages: An Empirical Assessment of Models of Taste-Based Discrimination for Gay Men

Contacts: David Neumark, Damon ClarkJohn Duffy





Debapriya Chakraborty | curriculum vitae

Concentrations: Transportation Economics, Environmental Economics, Econometric Methods

Dissertation Title: Policy Evaluation in the Transportation Sector

Job Market Paper: Adoption of Alternate Fuel Vehicles: A Stated Preference Analysis of Personal Vehicle Transaction Choice

Contacts: David Brownstone, Jan Brueckner, Kevin Roth, Linda Cohen




Mayuri Chaturvedi | curriculum vitae

Concentrations: Development Economics, Political Economy, Economics of Education

Dissertation Title: Essays on Inequality and Education Economics

Job Market Paper: Rent-Seeking Induced Inequality Traps

Contacts: Stergios Skaperdas, Damon Clark, Priya Ranjan, Michelle Garfinkel





Nanneh Chehras | curriculum vitae

Concentrations: Labor, Economics of Education, Demographic Economics

Dissertation Title: Essays in Labor and Education Economics

Job Market Paper: Can Counselors Solve the "Dropout Crisis"? Evidence from California Public High Schools

Contacts: David Neumark, Damon Clark, Marianne Bitler




Michael Gou | curriculum vitae

Concentrations: Economic History, Banking and Finance, Applied Econometrics

Dissertation Title: Bank Capital Requirements and Financial Stability:Lessons from the United States during the early 20th Century

Job Market Paper: Did capital requirements in the early 20th century United States promote bank stability?"

Contacts: Dan Bogart, Gary Richardson, Yingying Dong





Michael Guggisberg | curriculum vitae

Concentrations: Econometrics, Frequentist and Bayesian methods

Dissertation Title: Essays in Econometrics

Job Market Paper: A Bayesian Approach to Multiple Output Quantile Regression

Contacts: Dale Poirier, David Brownstone, Daniel Gillen





Louie Liu | curriculum vitae

Concentrations: Empirical Industrial Organization, Financial Economics, Urban Economics, Applied Microeconomics

Dissertation Title: The Essays on Financial Crisis and Capital Requirements

Job Market Paper: How Do the Minimum Capital Requirements Affect Banking Competition and Profitability?

Contacts: Gary Richardson, Jiawei Chen, John Duffy





Fulya Ozcan | curriculum vitae

Concentrations: Bayesian Econometrics and Statistics, Data Science, Natural Language Processing, Financial Time Series, Financial Macroeconomics

Dissertation Title: Bayesian Nonparametric Models on Big Data

Job Market Paper: Exchange Rate Prediction from Twitter's
Trending Topics

Contacts: Dale Poirier, Ivan Jeliazkov, Eric Swanson, Babak Shahbaba





Mario Silva | curriculum vitae

Concentrations: Macroeconomics and Monetary Economics

Dissertation Title: The Role of Liquidity, Monopolistic Competition, and Product Variety on Aggregate Demand

Job Market Paper: Credit, Product Variety, and Unemployment Dynamics

Contacts: Guillaume Rocheteau, William Branch, Fabio Milani



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