The University of California charges students both fees and tuition; California residents pay only fees, nonresidents pay both fees and tuition. United States citizens moving to California from other states may become legal California residents after one year by following certain procedures.

Fellowships are awarded to a number of outstanding students. These awards may include an academic year stipend, all required student fees and nonresident tuition, if applicable. A supplemental teaching or research assistantship may be provided by the academic unit. IMBS, ITS, and GPACS also provide fellowships and research assistantships for Economics graduate students participating in their programs.

Graduate students may work as Teaching Assistants for a maximum of 12 quarters before advancing to candidacy for the PhD, and no more than 18 quarters over the duration of the doctoral program. Students often are able to work as research assistants to acquire research skills and experience firsthand the nature of current research at the frontiers of economic knowledge. Research assistantships are arranged individually with faculty members. Students may apply to Financial Aid and Scholarships for need-based financial aid in the form of loans. 


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