Graduate Required Courses
Course Number Course Name Fall 2023 Winter 2024 Spring 2024
200 (1/2) Economics Colloquium(3:30-5) 200A 200B 200C
203A Math for Economics 203A    
210A-B-C Microeconomic Theory I-II-III 210A 210B 210C
210 Lab Microeconomic Theory Lab     210L
210D-E-F Macroeconomic Theory I-II-III 210D 210E 210F
211L Macro Theory Lab II   211L 211L
220A-B-C Statistics and Econometrics I-II-III 220A 220B 220C
221A-B-C Lab Statistics and Econometrics Lab 221A   221C
222 Replication Paper      


Other Graduate Coures
Course Number Course Name Fall 2023 Winter 2024 Spring 2024
205A Research Writing in Economics      
206 How to Write a Paper      
219A-B Special Topics in Theory      
223A Discrete Choice      
224A Time-Series Analysis   224A  
227A-B Experimental Econ      
229 Special Topics      
229 Dynamical Processes      
229 Social Dynamics Seminar      
229 Big Data   229  
229 Casual Inference   229  
229 Panel Data 229    
231A-B Institution in Historical Perspective I, II      
232 Business Cycles in Historical Perspective      
233 European Economic History      
234 American Economic History 234    
235 Health and Development in Historical Perspective   235  
239 Financial Econ & Markets      
241A-B-C Industrial Organization I-II-III 241A   241B
243A-B Game Theory I-II 243A    
245 Empirical Methods in Applied Micro      
249 Development Economics      
249 Health and Development in Historical Perspective      
249 Development      
249 Economics of Education      
249 Environmental Economics      
249 Econ of Innovation      
249 Nonparametric & Semiparametric Inference 249    
249 Economic Networks      
249 Econ of Criminal Justice      
249 Energy and Development      
249 Adv Methods for Applied Micro      
251A-B-C Labor Economics I-II-III   251B  
255 Microeconomics for Public Policy      
259 ST: Labor Economics      
260A-B Monetary Economics I-II   260B  
261A-B International Trade I-II 261A    
261A-B International Trade I-II 261B    
263A-B Advanced Macroeconomics I-II-III     263A
269A-B-C International Macroeconomics I-II-III      
269 Household Finance 269    
269 Health Economics     269
269A-B-C Institutions and Development I-II-III      
269 Macro Colloquium 269    
269 Search Theory and Applications   269  
269 Open Economy Macroeconomics      
269 Macroeconomics and Finance      
269 Macroeconomics of the Labor Market      
269 Macro, Labor & Economic Geography   269  
270A-B-C Public Choice I-II-III 270A    
271 Econ of Criminal Justice      
272A-B-C Public Economics I-II     272C
275 Economics of Government   275  
279 Topics in Political Economy      
279 ST: Topics in Political Economy      
279 Topics in Economic History     279
281A-B Urban Economics I-II   281A 281B
282A-B Transporation Economics I-II      
285A-B-C Colloquium Transporation Science I-II-III      


† This listing is only a tentative plan. It is SUBJECT to CHANGE. Last updated: March 9th,2022


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