Q: I am currently enrolled in all of the first-year fall quarter required classes for the Ph.D. program. I am wondering if there are classes outside of those core classes that are typically taken by first-year students to supplement the program.

A: Most new Ph.D. students find the core courses sufficiently challenging that they do not take other courses, especially if they are also working as teaching assistants. However, if a student has strong preparation they might consider taking another course – perhaps another course in the Economics Department that is not so technically demanding that one cannot really do it successfully until after completing the core, or a course in another department that is complementary with their areas of interest.

Q: I am a newly admitted Economics Ph.D. student considering pursuing a Masters in Statistics concurrent with my Ph.D. I’m wondering if I would be better off taking the Statistics series from that department rather than the Econometrics series. Would I be disadvantaged in any way by doing one over the other? I'm not positive that I will be doing the Statistics Masters, but I am told that initially the two series are very similar.

A: Economic Ph.D. students pursuing the Master’s in Statistics usually substitute Statistics 200A and B for Economics 220A and B, and this is allowed in the Economics Ph.D. program. (These statistics courses still count for the core course requirements even if the student does not complete the Master’s in Statistics.) Click here to see the suggested dual program (For students who entered before Fall 2012, click here.) This is described on the department website as a “suggested program,” so for further advice, you should contact the faculty in both departments to find out what they recommend. In Economics, you should direct questions to the econometrics faculty. You should also be in direct contact with the Statistics Department to find out what they require, as they award the Master's degree in Statistics.

Q: How many credits do I have to enroll in each quarter?

A: All full-time graduate students have to be enrolled in 12 units per quarter.


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