Kyung Nok Chun | CV
Contacts: Stergios Skaperdas, Michelle Garfinkel, Matthew Freedman



 Cody | CV
Concentrations: macroeconomics, monetary economics, and macro-finance



Concentrations: Macroeconomics, Time Series Econometrics
Contacts: Fabio Milani, Eric Swanson, Antonio Rodriguez-Lopez




Mark Hup | CV

Concentrations: Economic History, Public Economics, Development Economics
Contacts: Dan Bogart, Stergios Skaperdas, Gary Richardson, Vellore Arthi



Patrick Neal Russell Julius | CV
Concentrations: Experimental economics, political economy
Dissertation Title: "Using Game Theory and Experiments to Understand Cooperation and Conflict"
Contacts: John Duffy, Mike McBride, Jean-Paul Carvalho



Maximillian Littlejohn | CV
Concentrations: Macroeconomics, Monetary Economics, Finance, Applied Econometrics
Dissertation Title: Essays on Credit Markets, Monetary Policy, and Macroeconomic Activity
Contacts: Guillaume Rocheteau, Eric Swanson, William Branch




Lucie Lebeau | CV
Concentrations: Macroeconomics, Monetary Economics, Markets with Frictions
Dissertation Title: "Essays on decentralized asset, credit, and labor markets"
Job Market Paper: "Social engagement and the spread of infectious diseases"
Contacts: Guillaume Rocheteau, John Duffy, Pierre-Olivier Weill (UCLA), William Branch


Alexandra Marr | CV
Concentrations: Labor and Applied Econometrics
Dissertation Title: Three Essays in Economics: Neural Networks and Duration Models, Gender Identity and Unemployment Durations, News and Police Legitimacy.

Contacts: David Neumark and Mathew Freedman



Concentrations: Banking, Econometrics, Bayesian Analysis, Macroeconomics
Dissertation Title: Essays on Financial Regulation, Credit and the Macroeconomy
Contacts: Gary Richardson, Ivan Jeliazkov, Fabio Milani



Kendrick Morales | CV
Concentrations: Economics of Conflict, International Trade, Political Economy, Applied Economics
Dissertation Title: "Essays on terrorism, trade, and religious hostilities: Three causal analyses"

Contacts:  Michelle Garfinkel, Jan Brueckner, Antonio Rodriguez-Lopez, Priyaranjan Jha




Sarah Thomaz | CV

Concentrations: Urban and Transportation economics
Dissertation Title: 
Contacts: Jan Brueckner, Jiawei Chen, Ami Glazer




Maysen Yen | CV
Concentrations: Labor Economics, Public Economics, Experimental Economics
Dissertation Title: "Essays in Labor Economics"
Contacts: David Neumark, Matthew Freedman, John Duffy





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