Brittany Bass | curriculum vitae

Concentrations: Economics of Education, Health Economics, Labor Economics

Dissertation Title: Essays in Education and Labor Economics

Job Market Paper: Does Technology Investment Affect Student Achievement? Evidence from California's K-12 Technology Voucher Program

Contacts: David Neumark, Damon Clark, Mireille Jacobson




Nikolaos Charalampidis | curriculum vitae

Concentrations: Macroeconomics, Monetary and International Economics, Time Series and Bayesian Econometrics

Dissertation Title: Business Cycles, Disturbances, and Imbalances

Job Market Paper: Distributional Imbalances and the U.S. Business Cycle

Contacts: Fabio Milani, Eric Swanson, Ivan Jeliazkov





Kurt Horner | curriculum vitae

Concentrations: Concentrations would be Macroeconomics (Search Theory), Industrial Organization, and Political Economy

Dissertation Title: Firms, Organization, and Capital Market Frictions

Job Market Paper: Capital Reallocation, Search-In-Use, and Growth

Contacts: Guillaume Rocheteau, Michael McBride, Eric Swanson





Nagwa Khordagui | curriculum vitae

Concentrations: Transportation and Urban Economics, Public Economics, Environmental Economics, Applied Microeconomics

Dissertation Title: Commute Mode Choice, Parking Policies, and Social Influence

Job Market Paper: Determinants of Public Transit Use and the Role of Social Influence

Contacts: Jan Brueckner, David Brownstone, Matthew Freedman, Jean-Paul Carvalho





Alexander Luttmann | curriculum vitae

Concentrations: Empirical Industrial Organization, Transportation Economics, Public Economics, Urban Economics

Dissertation Title: Essays on Price Discrimination and Congestion Externalities in the U.S. Airline Industry

Job Market Paper: Are Passengers Compensated for Incurring an Airport Layover? Estimating the Value of Layover Time in the U.S. Airline Industry

Contacts: Jan Brueckner, Matthew Freedman, Jiawei Chen





Cody Nehiba | curriculum vitae

Concentrations: Transportation, Environmental, and Public Economics

Dissertation Title: Essays on Transportation Externalities

Job Market Paper: Correcting heterogeneous externalities: Evidence from local fuel price controls

Contacts: Linda Cohen, Jan Brueckner, Matthew Freedman, David Brownstone





Padma Sharma | curriculum vitae

Concentrations: Econometrics, Financial Economics, Macroeconomics and Computational Statistics

Dissertation Title: Bayesian Hierarchical Models for the Evaluation of Banking Policy and Regulation

Job Market Paper: Assessing Regulatory Responses to Troubled Banks

Contacts: Ivan Jeliazkov, Gary Richardson, Eric Swanson, David Brownstone 




Michael Shin | curriculum vitae

Concentrations: Macroeconomics, Learning, Asset Pricing, Experimental Economics

Dissertation Title: Learning and Asset Pricing

Job Market Paper: Expectations and Stock Market Participation: Theory and Evidence

Contacts: William Branch, John Duffy, Eric Swanson, Cars Hommes





Patrick Testa | curriculum vitae

Concentrations: Development economics, public economics, economic history

Dissertation Title: The Political Economy of Public Goods Provision and Development

Job Market Paper: The Economic Legacy of Expulsion:
Lessons from Postwar Czechoslovakia

Contacts: Stergios Skaperdas, Dan Bogart, Jean-Paul Carvalho




Timothy Young | curriculum vitae

Concentrations: Labor Economics, Public Economics, Experimental Economics, Economics of Crime

Dissertation Title: Essays in labor and experimental economics with a focus on crime and discrimination

Job Market Paper: Affordable Rental Housing and Criminal Recidivism

Contacts: David Neumark, Emily Owens, Damon Clark, John Duffy



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