Debapriya Chakraborty | curriculum vitae

Concentrations: Environmental Economics, Transportation Economics, Industrial Organization

Dissertation Title: Essays in Environmental and Transportation Economics

Job Market Paper: Policy Dilemma: Road Pricing or Road Space Rationing A Case Study of Santiago, Chile

Contacts?: David Brownstone, Jan Brueckner, Linda Cohen, Kevin Roth





Pratiti Chatterjee | curriculum vitae

Concentrations: Macroeconomics, International Economics, Econometrics and Monetary Economics

Dissertation Title: Uncertainty Shocks and Business Cycles Across Countries

Job Market Paper: Uncertainty Shocks, Financial Frictions and Business Cycle Asymmetries Across Countries

Contacts: Fabio Milani, Eric Swanson, Antonio Rodriguez-Lopez, Gary Richardson





Wyatt Clarke | curriculum vitae

Concentrations: Applied Microeconomics, Public Economics, Econometrics

Dissertation Title: Market-based Provision of Local Public Services 

Job Market Paper: Mapping Homeowner Associations: Who Lives in Them and How Do They Affect Housing Values?

Contacts: Matthew Harding, Damon Clark, Jan Brueckner




Kara Dimitruk | curriculum vitae

Concentrations: Economic History, Political Economy, Applied Microeconomics

Dissertation Title: Politics, Property Rights, and Progress in 17th Century England

Job Market Paper: Political Barriers to Changing Property Rights: Evidence from 17th Century England

Contacts: Dan Bogart, Gary Richardson, Stergios Skaperdas





Victor Gutierrez | curriculum vitae

Concentrations: Industrial Organization, Public Choice and Microeconomics.

Dissertation Title: Heterogeneity of Users and Firms Concentration in Market with Network Effects.

Job Market Paper: The Effect of non-US Citizens on the Ideological Position of their Representatives.

Contacts: Jiawei Chen, Linda Cohen, Amihai Glazer.




Si-Yuan Kong | curriculum vitae

Concentrations: Experimental economics, transportation economics, behavioral economics, virtual worlds

Dissertation Title:

Job Market Paper: Driver response to variable message signs in a 2D real-time driving simulator: experiment and analysis?

Contacts: Michael McBride, David Brownstone, John Duffy




Amine Mahmassani | curriculum vitae

Concentrations: Transportation Economics, Environmental Economics, Experimental Economics

Dissertation Title: Essays in the Economics of Transportation and the Environment

Job Market Paper: Efficient Allocation of Freeway Capacity through Truthful Elicitation of Willingness to Pay: Using a Vickrey-Clarke-Groves Mechanism to Manage Express Lanes

Contacts: David Brownstone, Michael McBride, Kevin Roth






Jessica Monnet | curriculum vitae

Concentrations: Labor Economics and Public Economics

Dissertation Title: Essays in the Economics of Education, Labor, and Health

Job Market Paper: The Effect of Reduced Coverage for Inpatient Psychiatric Care on Emergency Department Utilization

Contacts: Damon Clark, Marianne Bitler, David Neumark, and Mireille Jacobson





Jason Ralston | curriculum vitae

Concentrations: Experimental Economics, Behavioral Economics, Decision Theory, Microeconomics

Dissertation Title: Savings, Effort, and Innovation: Essays on Suboptimality and its Determinants

Job Market Paper: "Not Worth the Effort": Cognitive Load and Suboptimal Behavior

Contacts: John Duffy, Michael McBride, Igor Kopylov





Peter Shirley | curriculum vitae

Concentrations: Labor Economics, Econometrics

Dissertation Title: Essays on the Labor Market Impacts of the Minimum Wage and Earned Income Tax Credit

Job Market Paper: The Effect of the Earned Income Tax Credit on Earnings and Employment: Evidence from a Regression Discontinuity Design

Contacts: David Neumark, Yingying Dong, Damon Clark





Marshall Urias | curriculum vitae

Concentrations: Monetary Theory, International Macroeconomics, International Trade

Dissertation Title: An Integrated Approach to Intermediation and Payments

Job Market Paper: An Integrated Theory of Intermediation and Payments

Contacts: Guillaume Rocheteau, Eric Swanson, Priya Ranjan




Cole Williams | curriculum vitae

Concentrations: Game & Decision Theory, Information Economics, Experimental Economics

Dissertation Title: Essays on Rational Learning and Disagreement

Job Market Paper: Echo Chambers: Disagreement in Bayesian Learning

Contacts: Jean-Paul Carvalho, Stergios Skaperdas, John Duffy




Irina Zotova | curriculum vitae

Concentrations: Experimental Economics, Applied Microeconomics

Dissertation Title: Essays in Labor and Transportation Economics

Job Market Paper: Worker History and Labor Markets:
The Role of Costly Information

Contacts: Michael McBride, Jan Brueckner, John Duffy



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