Undergraduates in any of the three Economics majors may complete the Honors Program in Economics. Entry into the program requires a 3.4 GPA or better in upper-division Economics courses and an overall GPA of 3.2 or better. Undergraduates seeking admission to the program must apply no later than the spring quarter of their junior year.

*For the 2024-25 academic year, applications to the honors program are due June 30th. You can download the application by clicking here.

Students in the Honors Program must complete the two-quarter Economics Honors Colloquium (Economics H190A-B, which satisfies the upper-division writing requirement) and an honors thesis.

Note: These courses are offered in Fall and Winter quarters.

The Honors Program in Economics teaches students in the three economics majors - Economics, Business Economics, and Quantitative Economics - to research, write, and present economics papers.

Honors students take a two-quarter sequence in which they learn to think, write, and report results like an economist. The courses emphasize the skills of creative thinking, independent analysis, problem solving, writing, and communications. The centerpiece of the sequence will be the completion of an independent research project: the honors thesis.

Must be completed OR at least enrolled in for Fall 2024: ECON 123A - 123B or ECON 122A- 122B

Honors Courses

The honors program consists of two courses. In H190A, students will design their projects, conduct preliminary research, and begin to write their papers. Students will determine their research topic, design their research program, gather their data, write a proposal, write an outline for their project, and begin to write up their results. Students will be encouraged to apply for scholarships via the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program.

In H190B, students will complete their research projects, write their honors thesis, and present the results. Weekly writing assignments and periodic presentations will help keep the students on track. By the end of the quarter, the students should have submitted a complete draft, which they may improve if they wish, and their advisor requires, during the spring quarter. Students should also have completed a draft of their presentation for the Undergraduate Research Symposium to be held in the spring quarter.

Honors Advisor

Students who wish to enroll in the honors program in economics must have an advisor for their senior thesis. The advisor must be a professor, instructor, or faculty affiliated with the economics department. It is your responsibility to find a topic and an advisor. We encourage you to visit the faculty during their office hours, talk to them about your research interests, and build an educational relationship with them.

For more information about the honors thesis in economics, click here.

Director of the Undergraduate Honors Program in Economics

Gary Richardson

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